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Quality Policy

Honda of the UK Manufacturing Quality Policy

Honda’s Company Principle states that, “Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.”

Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd. contributes to that principle by:

  • manufacturing automotive products that meet design and specification, embracing good practices in manufacturing technology and techniques, and
  • providing suitable and effective indirect procurement and compliance services for Honda Group companies that support their business needs.

We apply the Honda Philosophy as represented by our fundamental beliefs, management principles and core values.
We are dedicated to meeting the changing requirements of our customers, and our relevant interested parties, through adaptable processes and provision of our products and services. This is in line with Honda Global, statutory and regulatory requirements, national and international standards applicable to the business.
We embed a responsibility for, and understanding of, quality and the needs of our customers in all our associates through application of and adherence to our management system and to our external providers through application of our procurement process. We regularly appraise and develop the necessary behaviours and competencies required of our associates to adhere to this system.
We monitor, measure and evaluate our processes and outputs against measurable objectives to support the achievement of this policy. We use the results to review and improve the effectiveness of our management system and to determine opportunities for innovation and improvement.
We conduct our operations with a commitment to being a company that society wants to exist.

The HUM Quality Policy is a promise to our customers that we will manufacture products of the highest quality.

The policy supports our certification, which allows us to export our products around the world.

All associates contribute towards achieving Honda of the UK Manufacturing Quality Policy in some way; we all need to understand the purpose of the policy and how it applies to our individual roles.