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Engine manufacturing

Key information

  • Produced our first engine in 1989
  • The plant has the capacity to produce 1,000 engines per day
  • In 2012 a new line was opened to produce the diesel engine.
  • More than 500 associates work across three different shift patterns

The process

The engine production process is made up of seven separate sections:



This facility produces the cylinder block. Aluminium ingots are loaded into furnaces and melted. Read more open news link
This is where cylinder heads are produced. The process starts with aluminium ingots being loaded into a furnace where ... Read more open news link
Here the block and head cast components undergo various cutting, milling, drilling, boring, honing and reaming operati... Read more open news link
This is where the machined engine blocks, cylinder heads and clutch and transmission cases meet with the other engine ... Read more open news link
Engine Material Service (EMS) receives component parts from all over the world. Read more open news link
The Engine Quality (EQ) Departments role is to support in the design and development of engine components right from i... Read more open news link
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