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Our Story

  • 1985Honda of the UK Manufacturing is established
  • 1986Honda of the UK Manufacturing begins operations, conducting Pre-delivery Inspections on Honda models imported into the UK
  • 1989Engine Plant is opened and begins production
  • 1991The construction of Car Plant 1 begins
  • 1992Car Plant 1 opens and production of the Honda Accord begins
  • 1994Production of the Honda Civic begins
  • 2000Production of the Honda CR-V begins
  • 2001Car Plant 2 opens and production capacity increases to 250,000 cars per year
  • 2001 (1)Production of the Civic Type R begins
  • 2002Honda of the UK Manufacturing exports cars to North America for the first time
  • 2003Honda of the UK Manufacturing celebrates the production of its 1 millionth car
  • 2008Honda of the UK Manufacturing celebrates the production of its 2 millionth car
  • 2014The first public access Hydrogen filling station opens at Honda of the UK Manufacturing's site
  • 2016Honda of the UK Manufacturing celebrates its 30th anniversary with a family fun day for associates
  • 2016 (1)Honda of the UK Manufacturing hosts the launch of the 10th generation Civic hatchback
  • 2018Honda CR-V production concludes after 18 years