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Waste Not, Want Not



Waste Not, Want Not

Honda cares about the environment, whether it’s designing the next evolution of its product range to maximise efficiency and minimise fossil fuel use, or challenging its sites to minimise their environmental impact. This kind of dedication to the environment makes Honda a very attractive place to work for people who also care about the future of the planet.

As Matt Cooper, EU HS&E Sustainability Manager at Honda of the UK Manufacturing, says:

Each Honda site is encouraged to develop local environmental improvement themes from not only a business-led, major-project perspective but also associate-driven innovation.

This intention is certainly borne out at Swindon’s Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd’s plant. Not only does the plant work with the local Council on its zero-waste-to-landfill policy, its associates are passionate about the environment too.

One man’s trash…

The zero-waste-to-landfill policy, which has been in place since 2010, sees Swindon County Council taking the discarded sand used during the engine die casting process for road repairs in the area and creating concrete with excess paint sludge.

Matt continues: “Over recent years Honda has engaged in water reduction projects working with GE Water and process technologies, established a miscanthus (biomass) crop within the site boundaries, worked with a local developer to establish a private wire PV solar array electricity supply to our site, and committed to purchasing 100% renewable electricity for the remaining energy use. In support of the Hydrogen highway, the company worked with local partners to establish the region’s first commercial and publicly accessible Hydrogen refuelling station which produces the fuel from 100% renewable electricity.”

If you would like to work for an environmentally responsible and proactive employer, look at Honda Swindon’s current vacancies on LinkedIn

The power to influence

This kind of commitment is a great source of pride and inspiration to those who work at Honda in Swindon.

Steve Cox, Energy Management Coordinator, says:  “It matters deeply to me that the company I work for cares about the environment. Large companies, such as Honda, have big influence and can positively affect how we use resources and look after the environment. Over the last four years, I have also had the privilege of seeing how Honda has been investing in new technologies to reduce energy consumption, and the positive effects this is having.”

Another employee in Swindon who is doing his bit, is General Associate in Assembly Frame (and resident beekeeper) Michael Carter. “We have six hives this year at Honda. I’ve been doing it for three years now and the benefits for the environment are wide-ranging – from pollination of food crops and flowers to the harvesting of the honey itself

Honda is a company that is always looking to the future, says Steve: “I have never worked at a company which has made the same amount of effort that Honda does towards looking after the environment.  I think that Honda is very progressive in this area, and the company is always looking in to the next ways to improve what we do.”

Indeed – and the target for 2018 is to ensure that 100% of the waste sent to incineration is subsequently converted to energy.

If you would like to work for an environmentally responsible and proactive employer, look at Honda Swindon’s current vacancies here

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