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Honda Civic - Built in Swindon, Sold Globally



Honda Civic - Built in Swindon, Sold Globally

This last year has been a big one for Honda in Europe. Not only has the company unveiled its 10th generation Honda Civic and smashed speed records with its hot hatch development car, it has built over 160,000 cars at its flagship production facility in Swindon and exported over 90 percent of them to Europe and the United States.

It’s a formidable achievement and one which solidifies the importance of Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd as a global production hub in Swindon.

As Katsushi Inoue, President and Chief Operating Officer of Honda Motor Europe, said at the launch of the Civic in Spring 2017: “As we reveal this new Civic, we look forward with confidence as we expand the role of our Swindon manufacturing plant. Honda has made significant investments in this facility and this next step is an important endorsement of the skills and expertise of our workforce. We’re also setting out a clear and sustainable future role for HUM, broadening our export markets beyond Europe.”

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Having an international view is nothing new for the Japanese carmaker. According to Jeffert Rothfeder, who wrote the 2014 book Driving Honda: Inside The World’s Most Innovative Car Company, Honda looked outward from its home shores well before other manufacturers considered making or even selling products overseas. Its founder Soichiro Honda always believed in global expansion and in the early 1950s, when the company was only a few years old, he declared that it must “maintain an international footprint” and perceive the rest of the world as its potential customer base.”*

Performing a Civic duty

Soichiro’s belief in “building products in the market where they are sold” continues today, with about half of the Civics built at Swindon’s production hub in 2017 sold in Europe. Honda’s figures show that up to 790 cars can be made each day in Swindon – that’s  one every  sixty-nine seconds! The other half of Civic sales are spread between other global markets.

Facts about Honda’s production hub in Swindon

  • The first car plant was opened here on 10th October 1992
  • It has a production capacity of over 160,000 cars per year
  • Car Plant One currently produces the 10th generation Civic hatchback, and the all new Civic Type R

Ian Bowden, who works in the Engineering Plant in Swindon, reflects on the changes since the recent cash investment made it Honda’s global Civic production hub:

The investment allowed for some of our processes to be updated and in doing so it made our operations feel sophisticated, modern and state of the art. This demonstrates Honda’s dedication to keep up with the rapidly changing global market.

John Humphries, another engineer and associate at Honda Swindon, compares his current role with previous jobs:

With Honda, I have found the tasks to be varied, interesting and challenging. Other places I have worked feel very stagnant or monotonous compared to Honda of the UK Manufacturing . No two days are the same here, which constantly allows you to develop as a person.

If you would like to join the team at Honda Swindon, look at our current vacancies here

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